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History Evenings Return in January 2017

The Baltimore City Historical Society and The Village Learning Place


2017 Baltimore History Evenings
2521 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Reception 7:00, Talks Begin 7:30
Free Talks on Baltimore History
Third Thursday of Every Month, January-June

See attached for complete schedule


Beyond Chicken Soup:Jews and Medicine in America

Jewish Museum of Maryland has a new exhibit appearing March 13, 2016 – January 16, 2017. Explore evocative environments. Investigate hands-on activities and multimedia effects. Engage with more than 200 artifacts, documents, and images ranging from the nineteenth century to the current genomic age. Examine how medicine impacts your life, through new technologies like DNA testing or time-honored remedies like a bowl of soup. Learn how medicine defines individuals’ and a community’s place in American culture.

For more information, visit http://chickensoupexhibit.org


Baltimore Water History in Brief Videos

Baltimore City Department of Public Works Public Information Supervisor, Kurt Kocher, delivered a presentation about "Baltimore Water History in Brief." This event took place November 16, 2013, at the Maryland Historical Society, and was jointly sponsored by the Historical Society of Baltimore County and the Baltimore City Historical Society. Other speakers included former MD State Archivist, Edward C. Papenfuse, and the Center for Watershed Protection's William Stack.







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