Abe Sherman's Newstand  (1898-1987) -

Abe Sherman's Newstand (1898-1987) -


Baltimore history in all of its many categories, biography, fiction and poetry, art, architecture, and music, memoirs and reminiscences, guidebooks, journals, and pamphlets are all welcome at the Baltimore City Historical Society’s Baltimore Book Collection.

CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME... Most of the books in the current Baltimore Book Collection are contemporary, so gifts of 19th century classics of local history, important periodicals, neighborhood histories, and Baltimore City Directories would be especially welcome.


Donations of individual books can be mailed to:

Baltimore City Historical Society

c/o Maryland Historical Society

201 W. Monument St. Baltimore, MD 21201


The Baltimore City Historical Society can also appraise and pick up book collections.

Call 410-685- 3750, ext. 379