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On November 27, 2018, Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera and Mayor Catherine E. Pugh will jointly unveil a new jury assembly room at the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in downtown Baltimore. As part of the ceremonies, Barbera and Pugh will rededicate a 1976 mural entitled “Historic Views of Baltimore 1752-1857” (originally installed in the War Memorial Building), by local artist Robert R. Hieronimus, PhD. With the addition of this artwork and the renovations, the new room will provide a more comfortable and pleasant experience for potential jurors while they perform their civic duty.



PRESERVATION: Baltimore City Historical Society promotes the study, presentation, and appreciation of history of our city. We work with Baltimore historians to sponsor programs on city history and help museums and universities support their collections of historical documents, records, and artifacts.

EDUCATION: We’re dedicated to helping residents and visitors learn about of our city’s defining moments – and understand Baltimore’s historical and cultural significance. We encourage everyone to take a closer look at the familiar historic sites, notable people, and diverse neighborhoods that are part of everyday life in Baltimore.

COMMUNITY: Through our website, events, archives, and social media, we strive to create a gathering place for those who want to explore and celebrate Baltimore’s rich history and cultural heritage. And we invite everyone to share stories, ask questions, or offer insights by contacting us here.




The Baltimore City Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization. We offer free events throughout the year to Baltimore history buffs, but we depend upon yearly membership dues from those of you who are certifiable enthusiasts.

We keep our annual dues low, and have a variety of membership levels. If you join, you can flash your official membership card all around town.

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