Baltimore City Historical Society 2019 Annual Meeting Announcement

The Baltimore City Historical Society will hold its 2019 Annual Meeting to elect directors and officers at ten o’clock AM on Saturday, June 29, at the Locust Point Community Church located at 1308 Beason St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Dr. Nicholas Fessenden, a member of the Board of Directors, will present The Port of Baltimore and the Great Wave of Immigration, 1830-1914 to celebrate the Society’s partnership with the Historical Society of Baltimore County in its Water/Ways Exibit


After the meeting attendees are invited to tour the Baltimore Immigration Museum located next door.
(map, on-street parking and in the lot next door)


Baltimore History Evenings is a series of presentations and discussions on Baltimore’s history

Baltimore History Evenings are held at The Village Learning Place (directions) at seven o’clock PM on the third Thursday of every month from January to June.

The next Baltimore History Evening is on June 20, 2019

Garrett PowerEmeritus Professor, University of Maryland School of Law presents:

 Samuel Smith: Patriotism, Profits, and the Panic of 1819

Samuel Smith is widely remembered as a U.S. Senator, a patriot, and veteran of the Revolution and the War of 1812. However, he was also a merchant, and his firm was intimately involved in the first great financial disaster of the new republic. How much did he know?


PRESERVATION: Baltimore City Historical Society promotes the study, presentation, and appreciation of history of our city. We work with Baltimore historians to sponsor programs on city history and help museums and universities support their collections of historical documents, records, and artifacts.

EDUCATION: We’re dedicated to helping residents and visitors learn about of our city’s defining moments – and understand Baltimore’s historical and cultural significance. We encourage everyone to take a closer look at the familiar historic sites, notable people, and diverse neighborhoods that are part of everyday life in Baltimore.

COMMUNITY: Through our website, events, archives, and social media, we strive to create a gathering place for those who want to explore and celebrate Baltimore’s rich history and cultural heritage. And we invite everyone to share stories, ask questions, or offer insights by contacting us here.




The Baltimore City Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization. We offer free events throughout the year to Baltimore history buffs, but we depend upon yearly membership dues from those of you who are certifiable enthusiasts.

We keep our annual dues low, and have a variety of membership levels. If you join, you can flash your official membership card all around town.

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